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Our Commitment to You

The past month has shown, once again, that global factors will occasionally disrupt our day-to-day lives. The recent global health crisis surrounding COVID-19 is a prime example. As world health organizations work to discover treatments, provide answers and reassurance, please also allow PPA to provide you reassurance that we are prepared to continue to offer you the same high-level, quality service you have always received.

To be an effective advertising and digital marketing agency in 2020, we have to be able to adapt quickly to whatever challenges each day may throw our way. 

As of March 22nd, Ohio is under a "stay at home" order per Governor Mike DeWine.

Part of our role for clients is shipping and fulfilling orders, meaning that the PPA office will remain open as an essential business. The majority of our team is working from home at full capacity and only those needed for fulfillment will be in the office. This allows us to keep your projects moving while maintaining your deadlines to help minimize the impact any disruption an economic recession, natural disaster or health scare may have on your business. We will continue to offer you the same high-level, quality service you have always received and keep your projects moving while maintaining your deadlines. 

We also want to take this time to check in with you. These are uncharted territories for us as businesses and as families. If there is anything we can do to help you settle into these changing times, please let us know. We don't know what the world looks like on the other side of this, but we do know that we will continue to support you however we can, just as we've done for the past 35+ years.  

Through challenging times, we are here and we are your partner.

If you have questions or need to reach out to us, contact us directly. 


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